Senior Driving Safety - An Important Conversation with your Parents

Several tall buildings from Millennium Park in...Image via WikipediaBaby Boomers are often uncomfortable having that conversation with their parents. In fact, a recent national survey by Liberty Mutual shows that 75% of adult children have not discussed driving safety issues with their parents and 88% of seniors say they have never had this conversation. The reason? Most Boomers are afraid that the conversation will be uncomfortable and might anger their parents. 

But the same survey showed that most seniors do not feel this way and in fact, the majority feels that their adult children have a right to raise this issue with them.

With this in mind, Liberty Mutual has started a “National Conversation Drive” to stimulate conversations about senior driving safety.   It begins with an all-day event in Chicago’s Millennium Park on Tuesday, September 21, from 6am to 7pm. At the event, members of the public will get the opportunity to experience some of the physical and cognitive limitations that older drivers may experience while operating a motor vehicle, or doing every day activities.  Participants will don specially designed movement-restricting “senior simulator” suits and visually-impairing eyewear to help them feel and see the limitations seniors face.

Participants will also be asked to complete an online pledge to have conversations with their elderly parents and family members about senior driving safety, as well as transportation alternatives for seniors. 

For each pledged conversation, Liberty Mutual will make a donation to help ITNAmerica provide rides to seniors - up to $100,000. ITN is a national organization that provides safe transportation alternatives for seniors who no longer drive. 

For those that cannot make the event, online pledges can be made at or on Facebook (a link can be found at that link).

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