Day 27: Global Pink Hijab Day Grows Stronger Each Year

Global Pink Hijab Day started three years ago. This time, founder Hend El-Buri is raising the bar and hoping to spread the idea of Pink Hijab Day to more places.
Today, Muslim women, as well as women of other faiths across America and abroad will be observing "Global Pink Hijab Day" by donning pink headscarves. This is a day intended to initiate dialog, promote education about the Islamic headscarf (Hijab), and raise breast cancer awareness.
The Pink Hijab day has also spread to areas all over the world, including South Africa, Egypt, and Qatar.

Although Pink Hijab Day began with a small group of high school girls in the small town of Columbia, Missouri, the event now has thousands of participates all over the world.
Participants in Pink Hijab Day will encourage the curious to ask questions about hijab, as well as promoting breast cancer education, and donating to various Breast Cancer Foundations.
What is the purpose of Pink Hijab Day?
1) To encourage people to ask questions about Hijab, and extinguish stereotypes people may have about hijab 2) To raise awareness and funds for breast cancer foundations across the globe 3) To encourage Muslim women to participate in helping their own communities
Pink Hijab Day is an independent project.
Donations for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation are being collected.  Wear pink Hijabs or scarves today or support this cause.

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