Trick-or-Treating Trends

As costume fads change, safety concerns remain. Kids are still trick-or-treating but with 70% of Moms saying they would never allow their child to go trick-or-treating alone, safer alternatives are becoming the norm!  
To avoid the worries of tainted candy and erratic drivers lots of parents are opting for the alternative Halloween plans. Community events and malls are becoming more and more popular as locations to trick-or-treat.  Some ideas from CafeMom include:
·         Mall trick-or-treating – malls across the country open their stores to trick-or-treaters.  Associated Content reported earlier this year that The Mall of America hosts “The World’s Largest Trick or Treat.” Kids are provided bags and can stop by all the stores for treats. There is also a costume competition and lots of Halloween entertainment!
·         Kids Night on Broadway- kids ages 6-18 can see shows for free! An adult, whose ticket is not free, must accompany the child but that ticket also gets you entry to Madame Tussauds Halloween party as well as restaurant and parking discounts.  Many cities have similar events, so check your local theater listings.
·         Theme parks go all out for Halloween. From 6 Flags Fright Fest to Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream there are tons of activities and haunted houses to attend.
·         How about a haunted hay ride? Gather up some families in the neighborhood and pile in. Almost every town offers one of these! You will get many thanks for being the organizer!
Keep a look out for flyers at your church, school and local shopping malls. If you gather a few moms of your kid’s friends it could be something they really look forward to!

Source: CafeMom
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