You and Your Scientist

Headlines have been, yet again, trumpeting statistics about how American children lag behind many countries in math and science skills. With high school seniors performing below the national average for 21 countries, one worries about the fate of the country that gave the world electricity, airplanes, rockets, the internet, and lasers, to name a few.

Save our scientists! Learning about math and science begins at home. You can teach your kids about rocket science by launching a bottle into the air (experiment is in here!), oceanography by removing salt from water (experiment is in here!), and hovercraft technology with a CD or DVD, a balloon, and a plastic bottle cap.

Perfect for science fair projects and keeping little people occupied during breaks from school, Workman's Mad Science Club presents 12 easy, safe experiments for kids taken from the pages of their books about science. Please find a link to each downloadable experiment below:
A downloadable "OFFICIAL MAD SCIENTIST" diploma is attached as well. Who knows, you may be nurturing the next Marie Curie! That's right, it comes down to you.

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