Ankle Jeans from Old Navy

I was given a sample to get a pair of Ankle Jeans from Old Navy on March 10th. Let me tell you, I was pleased with the customer service.  They were very friendly and helped me find my item. The Ankle Jeans are normally priced around $34.50, but they happened to be on sale.

When I brought the jeans with the coupon to the cashier, she was shocked at how I got free jeans.  I know it looks weird to get free jeans from a clothing store (it is not like it is an every day thing.).

Here is the picture of my Ankle Jeans from Old Navy courtesy of Crowdtap.  You like?

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  1. Great Article, I really like the way that you have presented with the images and make things really simple to follow

  2. Ankle sounds very interesting..Thanks for the post.



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