This Week at The Nation: The Attack on Women

Just posted at and on newsstands this weekend:

This week, Melissa Harris-Perry, in "The War on Women's Future," discusses the well coordinated attack on women as legislation in Washington moves to eliminate federal funding of Planned Parenthood. The ultimate aim of the GOP's social agenda, Harris-Perry argues, would be to force women back into the home. Read her column here

Former MoveOn Advocacy Director Ilyse Hogue, in "Why the Right Attacked Unions, ACORN and Planned Parenthood," connects the dots in the assault against progressive service organizations. These few remaining organizations, she argues, connect real word needs to Beltway advocacy and lobbying. Conservatives fear and loathe that. Read it here

And columnist Katha Pollitt, in "Anti-Choice Follies," discusses bills underway in eight states that would restrict abortions. In three states--South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa--legislation would in effect permit a pregnant woman's family or friends to murder abortion providers. Read it here.

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