Pretty Little Liars: To Share Secrets or Not To

Are friends supposed to keep secrets from each other?  Some may think it is ok, while others may think it is not.  I say it depends on your friends, the circumstances, what the secret is about and who will it impact if it is confided to someone else.  By human nature, you are not going to trust someone entirely without getting to know him or her.  Often times, you can tell a lot about a person's character by their behavior and also interactions with you and others.  This is why reputation is often important to make sure it is strong.  Reputation helps bring credibility to the person.

However, in "Pretty Little Liars" friends share secrets, but then drama takes place around those secrets.  What would have happened if none of the friends had shared their secrets?  Could it be that those dramatic events would have been ok?  A person must truly know someone before he or she is able to confide in them.

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