Call for Submissions, Your Voices: On Motherhood

Artists, filmmakers, photographers, musicians, writers—IMOW is now accepting submissions of any media type for their new online exhibition, Your Voices: On Motherhood. Contributions can come in any medium that is currently supported on and work must address a topic related to motherhood. Published submissions will be eligible for a US$1,000 Community Choice Award, with $500 going to the individual contributor and $500 going to a women’s nonprofit of the winner’s choice!

IMOW wants to showcase the experiences, ideas, joys and challenges of a new global generation on motherhood. What are your fears and hopes as you think about whether to become a mother? How is being a ‘good’ mother defined in your country or culture? How is mothering now different to your mother or grandmother’s generation? Tell your story and submit your work today!

For more information and submissions guidelines click here.

Your Voices: On Motherhood is an entirely global community driven showcase that will launch in November 2011. The exhibition will represent the diverse voices, experiences, struggles and successes of women worldwide as they relate to motherhood.  Submitting your work provides the opportunity to showcase your creativity for a global audience of over 50,000 monthly visitors from 200 countries. Submitted work will be reviewed by a jury, and selected submissions will be curated for inclusion in the Your Voices: On Motherhood exhibition.

Submit your work today!

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