Spread Awareness About Women Facing Crisis

Today is International Women’s Day, an occasion to celebrate women and girls’ remarkable potential,
inherent worth and vital contributions to our communities. It’s also a day to recognize that millions of
women and girls still confront threats to their safety, their health, their livelihoods and their dignity - and
to advocate for solutions that can improve their lives.

Are you concerned with these issues? Then join the International Rescue Committee (IRC)’s Wake Up
campaign. At rescue.org/wakeup, you can read stories of real women facing crisis – like Fatuma, whose
daughter was assaulted on the daily trek for clean water in Somalia; Francine, who is working to
overcome the wounds of sexual slavery in Congo; and Angele, a Cameroonian asylee who fled political
turmoil in her home country and is slowly rebuilding her life in the United States. You can sign a pledge
affirming your support for women and girls like these all over the world who are fighting for survival and
International Rescue Committee
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struggling to endure. When you do, you’ll join the ranks of such notables as IRC Voice and “The Walking
Dead” star Sarah Wayne Callies and actresses Téa Leoni, Alyssa Milano and Morena Baccarin. And you
can use the tools in the IRC’s handy social action kit to share the pledge and raise awareness about
what can be done to help – which makes you a part of the solution.

The IRC works to protect and empower women and girls in more than 40 countries and 22 U.S. cities,
from Burundi to Baltimore. We’re joining with them on this special day, to take a stand for women and
girls. We hope that you will, too. Sign the Wake Up pledge and pass it on!

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