Are You Smart Enough?

In The Big Bang Theory: The Complete First and Second Season on Blu-Ray Combo Pack, Penny and Leonard have a complicated relationship.  Even after going on a date, Penny ends up breaking things off with Leonard fearing she isn't as smart as the physics genius.  Being intimated by intellectuals is actually common in real life.

I have a friend who is an intellectual, we'll call her "Tina".  Not only does she portray confidence when she speaks, she uses big words fluently and effectively.  Oh, and she also throws out those critical questions every once in a while--leaving people to pause and try to interpret the question.  I literally had mutual friends confide and say that they felt intimidated when "Tina" hangs out with us.  They are afraid to appear or sound unintelligent.  Unfortunately, some of our mutual friends stopped hanging out with "Tina".

Have you ever been or felt intimidated by an intellectual?

FTC: "I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for 'The Big Bang Theory.'"
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