Fourth of July Buzzed Driving Twitter Chat

Driving buzzed can turn celebration into tragedy in an instant. With July 4th approaching, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is reminding people of the cost of buzzed driving over the holiday. In 2012, 179 people were killed in crashes over the holiday period. Of those deaths, 44 percent were in crashes that involved alcohol.
We’re asking for your support to remind everyone to plan ahead - to ensure their Fourth of July list includes not only fireworks at the park and hot dogs on the grill, but a sober ride home for themselves or their guests. The only red, white, and blue we want anyone to see this holiday should be from the fireworks, not from cops and ambulances.
On July 2nd, NHTSA is hosting a Twitter chat to discuss the dangers of buzzed driving in an easy to share way. They’re also posting tips on how to keep the roads sober and still enjoy the holiday. 

WHEN: July 2nd at 4pm ET
WHERE:, use hash tag #buzzeddriving

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