Thoughts on: Not Sorry | #ShineStrong Pantene

When I received an email about Pantene's latest video: Not Sorry #ShineStrong Pantene, I was curious to see what the video was about because I enjoy what corporations come up with when promoting their brand name, product or service.  Social Media has played part the way corporations and businesses are now doing business (For those who are not using Social Media, jump in--it isn't too late).  Social Media has allowed not only individuals, but the business world to become more sensitive, more aware of its (and potential) customers' needs. They are able to humanize the company while promoting as well.  Using Social Media responsibly by companies can be a win-win situation for all.

I viewed the video by Pantene.  I thought it was a good message (in fact, I wish other brands would promote and encourage women).  Women tend to say sorry too many times, often times I feel are unnecessary.  I am willing to bet this happens to many of us.  For example, I would be having a conversation with a colleague, she would apologize for having certain work ideas!  When this happens, I always think in my mind, she is not confident in her beliefs.  As a female, I know that we walk a fine line in society--trying to lady like with leadership qualities without appearing "bossy", "mean" or someone with a bad a** attitude.  But when we speak up with ideas, contribute to a conversation, or other types of assistance, we shouldn't add a "sorry".  As the Nike saying goes "Just Do It."

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