Book Review: Whispers from the East by Ilham Badreddine Mahfouz

"Through art, the truth is delivered for the viewer to experience."--artist Ilham Badreddine Mahfouz.

The world is full of art whether you have an artistic eye or not.  Everything has a shape and unique characteristics.  Art connects people emotionally, bonds  groups through symbols as well.

I got myself a copy when I found out that Ilham Badreddine Mahfouz wrote a book called 


because she is a beautiful woman inside out.  Her art is a representation of her feelings and thoughts.  Her art reminds you that there is still pain and problems, yet there is still hope.  Whispers from the East * is a combination of combining the emotions and memories of  Ilham's life  with art.   Ilham includes her thoughts on the suffering of the Syrian people.  By using art, Ilham is able to convey the feelings of pain and suffering greater.  We are a visual society.  We like to see the world in terms of pictures and abstracts.  Perhaps, Ilham is correct in saying "Abstract art appeals to me for the mystery and imagination of expression it affords."  

With each art in the book, Ilham gives a reflection of thoughts and emotions.  She shows despite how humanity is fragile, humanity can succeed once we understand the pain of each other.  

 I highly recommend this book if you truly want to get a worldly view through the abstract of art.

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