Feature Friday: Emii changing the narrative of women in POP industry

An extraordinary young person and important indie-pop artist is making a huge difference in the evolution of America's 'pop singer' image by using her work as a vehicle to communicate profound messages that are saving the lives of young women everywhere. 

Since Emii hit the scene with the smash hit MROMEO, featuring SNOOP DOG, she's continued to evolve on the music scene as a unique and important voice in the pop community. 

Emii's new hit single LEAVING YOU BEHIND (Video Here) champions survivors of domestic violence and is empowering young women to come forward all over the world. With that in her pocket, Emii is crawling up the charts and has skyrocketed to literally millions of online views and now -- we don't think there's much stopping this inspirational young person from continuing the change all of over the world...because for her, it's never stopped at just the music. 

Enjoy the interview with Emii.

Faten (FA):  What inspired you to make music?
Emii (E): It's the deepest form of communication for me... and, as we all know, often times mere words aren't enough. Even the simplest kinds of music can communicate feelings, emotions strong enough to inspire, to MOVE people, to make someone smile, forget about their problems, or remind them of how far they've come. I live for that.

FA: What do you want others to get from listening to your music?
E: I want them to feel. To be able to turn off all of the worries and anxious thoughts at least for a few moments... to connect with the messages and the emotions in the music and clear their minds of the daily-grind clutter. When you can really connect, it's akin to meditation. When you can't, then it's just noise. But the beauty of music is that there is something for everyone out there, no matter who you are or what you enjoy.

FA: What have you learned about yourself as a musician?
E: That so many people will try to put you "in a box" and attempt to mold you into what they believe you should be. Being true to yourself is ultimately what connects you to those who appreciate you for what you live for, for what you create.  It's important to never sacrifice your passion for someone else's idea of what you should be. I've had countless people tell me I shouldn't and couldn't be who I am... and I am most definitely someone who has a love for many types of music. I find myself creating depending on what inspires me, and after much trial and error I believe that filtering your artistry to appease someone who thinks they know what people want is a travesty. The fans can speak for themselves, and so should we.

FA: What are some of your future projects and plans?
E: I aim to inspire. That's all I'll say for now.

FA: Anything else you would like to add?
E: No matter where we begin our journeys, there is greatness in all of us. We just have to find it. I encourage everyone to remember that I'm just that formerly-bullied geeky girl from Ohio who could not stop following a dream. I'll never stop creating, and I hope to inspire others to do the same.

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