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Swapping gets you better deals than shopping this holiday season!  Join Yerdle and swap your stuff for new treasures you'll love.  Sign up today to get $35 Yerdle Dollars + Free shipping on your first purchase.  Choose from over 70,000+ items--from dresses to shoes, purses to kid's toys, home decor and more.

Sign up with this link, and post a picture of at least one item you're ready to swap with someone else.  The easiest way to post items is in the Yerdle App for the iPhone or Android.

Once you post your first item, you'll have $35 Yerdle Dollars + Free Shipping to purchase your own item.  Service fees are waived on your first purchase, so checkout is TRULY, completely free when someone purchases your item, you must ship it within 7 days, using the pre-paid shipping label provided by Yerdle.

You earn Yerdle Dollars by swapping your item, which you can use towards future purchases on Yerdle, a secure marketplace.  One account customer only.

After your first purchase, items will cost $7-8 (due to shipping and service fees).

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