ZipRecruiter Proudly Announces the Birth of “Jobs for Babies”

ZipRecruiter, the fastest growing online job search service, is asking the question that's on everyone's mind: Isn’t it about time babies started thinking about a career? This April Fool’s Day, the fastest growing online job search service wants to help babies find their dream jobs too.

Despite having untapped, nearly limitless potential and receiving constant praise and adoration, babies have yet to join the economy in any meaningful way. Jobs for Babies will change that. ZipRecruiter has partnered with businesses all over the country to hand-select the best baby employment opportunities in an effort to connect this creative, budding workforce with the jobs they want.

Babies now have access to millions of jobs, a highly-rated mobile app that pulls in jobs from over 500 different sources, and a job alerts email service which delivers curated jobs directly to subscribers’ inboxes - all for free, whether you’re a baby or a grown up.

“At ZipRecruiter, we have a mission to help all people find meaningful jobs and have successful careers,” says ZipRecruiter CEO Ian Siegel. “When we looked at the statistics, we identified one key segment of the population with untapped, nearly limitless potential - babies.”

With jobs such as Baby Food Tester, Baby Diaper Designer, Baby Construction Worker, and more, ZipRecruiter offers more opportunities for babies than any other job search site.

“At ZipRecruiter, we believe with hard work and perseverance every baby in America can find a job,” continues Siegel. “We want to help all babies stand on their own two feet. We hope everyone will join us on this journey.”

As part of this campaign, ZipRecruiter will also be making a charitable donation to $2,500 to the Afterschool Alliance (for real!)). It is an organization that advocates for affordable afterschool care for all children.

Watch the adorable video:

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