The Real Life Baby-Sitters Club App Is Making Sure Sitters Never Flake on You Again

3 p.m. hits, and you’re getting in your last-minute errands before your best friend’s holiday party tonight. Your outfit’s picked out, the babysitter’s coming over at 6 p.m., and everything’s running seamlessly.
That is until the sitter cancels with only a few hours notice. Good thing the real life Baby-Sitters Club now exists.
Helpr’s the on-demand app that’ll get you a screened babysitter to your doorstep in as little as three hours.
I had the opportunity to interview Kasey Edwards, Co-Founder and CEO of Helpr.  

Faten Abdallah (FA): What was the inspiration behind the App?
Kasey Edwards (KE): When we were babysitters, we would have parents come up to us constantly at the park or on the street and ask if they could book us for their family. Since we couldn't always accommodate the requests, we started to build out a network of friends and later a standard for screening so parents could begin to book freely and have similar quality and personality of sitters. We bring role models with bright futures to the table. 

FA: How is it different than other apps?  Why should someone use it?
KE: We aren't just a discovery platform; everyone is met in person for an interview: ID verification to match their background check, CPR certification, and a social media review. When you're ready to book, we can cover parents in as little as three hours advance notice up to 90 days. We have sitters who also specialize in a variety of exceptionalities (ADD/ADHD, autism, cerebral palsy, etc.).

FA: How do you know who is qualified to be a baby sitter?
KE: We've spent years perfecting the screening process. Unlike any other babysitting service out there, we thoroughly screen each potential Helpr through in-person interviews with Helpr staff, background checks, double reference checks, social media checks, and even CPR certification.

FA: Does your app help or hurt the childcare industry?
KE: Helps! The biggest thing we intend to do is redistribute the way childcare is paid for. Rather than just asking parents to front the bill, we're looking to have parents and employers split the cost and hoping for government to kick in, whether by FSA advantaged accounts or other credits made available to parents. 

We've never seen childcare aggregated before so it makes the care safer. Every other platform checks a sitter at the point of hire, but we have a comprehensive look at their work performance that protects families long after the initial first work date. For sitters, we protect them with above market rates, payment if parents cancel last minute, and can help them rebook if they are sick so their clientele is not left hanging. 

Helpr’s also changing the norms of childcare work benefits by working with employers on a variety of programs for its employees due to the growing shifts in the workforce. Programs range everywhere from on-site daycare opportunities to maternity bridging and from sick days to mandatory work overtime.

Be sure to visit Helpr on the following sites:

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