Book Review: Classic Sketchbook: Botanicals by Valerie Baines

I was sent a copy of this book by a publisher for a book review.  

Although I can't draw to save my life, I love art and appreciate it greatly.  When I was sent this book, I was in awe of the techniques in the book.  I appreciated the artists greatly.  What talent and master in the art craft.

Learning your craft by studying masterworks is an age-old practice among artists-including those with a love of botanical art.  This is a must have book for those who don't have access to a museum filled with botanical masterworks nearby.  This book brings the masterworks to you.

Classic Sketchbook: Botanicals* is a must have for those who appreciate art and nature.  The book is a draw-in book that shows you how by taking a close look at the details of great floral paintings.  Valerie Baines, the author, coaches readers to try the techniques with the help of her suggestions.

Printed on quality uncoated stock and suited for drawing and watercolor, each spread will consist of two working parts.  The left-hand page features a close-up for a drawing or painting by a noted artist from the 19th century or earlier.  The right-hand page is for drawing, with Baines' brief coaching tips, observations, and a demonstrative sketch.  

I would highly recommend this book for artists who loves flowers and plants and those who also appreciate art.

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